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This valley is flanked by approximately 100 – 120 meters high steep rocky hill embankments and is situated between Jambu Hill and Bengkok Hill in the 50 Kota regency. You will find the Akar Berayun waterfall and a cool swimming pool there. A fantastic spectrum of colours comes out of the waterfall when the sun shines. The waterfall is inside the reserve which is home to such wild animals as tigers, bears, black goats, boars, tapirs and various birds. Harau Valley is an ideal place for camping, hiking, ecotourism and doing research.


This valley which is located on the way to Bukittinggi from Padang has a 40 meters high waterfall. The cool and clean water channeled through the waterfall flows into the River Batang Anai which empties to the sea close to Padang. The valley which still holds the tropical rain forest is a reserve. A short distance away, you will get to Malibou Anai recreational park and a golf course.


This reserve is situated at the Bukit Barisan mountain range, 650 meters above the sea level. This is a good area for ecotourism; its flora and fauna have frequently been the objects of biological researches. The administration of fice of this reserve takes the shape of the traditional Minang dwelling. Flower garden and camping ground are available as well.


Aside from the Japanese Cave in Bukittinggi, in the vicinity of this city there is a stalactite – stalagmite cave called Ngalau Kamang. A similar cave called Ngalau Indah is found near 50 Kota regency, Payakumbuh. Another one which becomes a popular tourist destination is located at the Sawahlunto Sijunjung regency.


This is one of the most unique tourist objects in the world; a one meter wide and approximately 10 meters long bridge, connecting Pulut – Pulut and Surau Pakih villages is South Pesisir regency. Different from the common bridge which will get rotten over time, this unique one becomes even sturdier. Unbelievable, isn’t it? This is true with this bridge as it made of living banyan tree roots diligently knitted by Pakih Sokal in 1916.


    • Sutan Mudo
      6 Juni 2010 pukul 2:25 pm

      salam kenal, terimakasih atas kunjungannya…..alam indonesia memang indah makanya mari di jaga dengan baik. terutama selalu hadir untuk beroromosi.ok

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